A total of 0.89 inches of precipitation was recorded from the rain gauge over at the West Stanislaus Irrigation District from the previous storm that delivered much-needed water to the state.

A majority of that water, 0.76 inches, fell on Tuesday, Dec. 2, alone, prompting a flood advisory for the city when storm drains along Highway 33 and some of the other older parts of town backed up.

"All of the leaves that hadn’t been falling all started coming down," Deputy Public Works Director Robert Andrade said at the end of the day Tuesday. "It was bad timing."

Despite natures’ unfortunate timing on the cities’ streets and city workers, crews had no trouble clearing up the leaf-clogged storm drains with the help of pumps and the cities’ Vactor truck, which sucks up leaves and water.

The 200 block of South Highway 33, as well as portions of the North Fifth Street area, were noted as some of the "usual suspect" problem spots in town by Andrade.

Water levels along Highway 33 created small tributaries that prevented some pedestrians from crossing the roadway safely and, at times, lapped at the doors of business that line the thoroughfare.

Sandbags sat stacked and ready for use at the city of Patterson’s Corporation Yard at 16251 South Baldwin Ave. for both city and county residents to utilize at anytime.

The wet roadways kept local first responders busy throughout the day as well.

"We had the usual transition into winter stuff," Sgt. Paul Yotsuya said at the end of the day Tuesday.

"People need to be aware that it’s wet outside and overall need to slow down," Yotsuya added.

The sergeant also went on to say that fog in the region was thicker than has been seen in years, which he experienced coming into town Monday morning.

Mountain View Fire and Patterson District Ambulances were called out to a gruesome scene Tuesday evening around 6 p.m. after a few vehicles hit a horse that wound up south of the intersection of Carpenter Road and West Main Street east of Patterson.

At least one vehicle’s driver was transported to the hospital via ambulance with non-life threatening injuries. The horse succumbed to its injuries and was dead at the scene.

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