Tasting Under the Redwoods was a fund raising event sponsored by Valley Churches United Missions on August 9, from 1:00 - 5:00 p.m. Upon entry to the Bret Harte Hall at Roaring Camp in Felton, guests were enveloped by music and the scent of yummy foods.

The delicious sound of jazz played by Soul Doubt kept the tasters swaying to the music as they sampled food provided by about 27 restaurants and confectioners while about ten wineries and 4 breweries poured beverages.

If you were there, chances are that you bumped into many of your friends, maybe even folks that you have not seen in a while. Maybe some of the new people that you met turned out to be a friend of a friend. That is the kind of pleasant atmosphere that was experienced by the visitors. 

"This is a great opportunity to enjoy our community," said Patty Malone from Malone's Bar and Grill in Scotts Valley. Across the aisle was Jessica Hix from Mama Mia's in Felton, "try our calzone?" It was delicious along with a sample of Queen Bee ale from New Bohemia from 41st Avenue in Santa Cruz. From Boulder Creek to Santa Cruz, yummy samples of food and beverages were available for tasting.

Busy making sure that guests were enjoying themselves was seen David Mills, Executive Director of VCUM. "Glad to see that you made it," said Mills as he welcomed people to the event. Ed Lambing was busy photographing people as they enjoyed the party atmosphere, while Colly and Norm Gruczelak were busy directing foot traffic at the front door and answering questions. Many other VCUM volunteers were also actively welcoming people and making preparations for the silent auction.

Having sold out all tickets for the event, VCUM can agree with those from the community who were fortunate enough to get a ticket, that Tasting Under the Redwoods, 2015, was a huge success. While the tasters work the extra calories off, they can take comfort that all of that nibbling was for a good cause. It was also a lot of fun!

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