2019 Miss Patterson Pageant

Before the 2019 Miss Patterson and her court were chosen, I had the opportunity to speak with some finalists at their last practice on Friday afternoon before the pageant.

With their beaming smiles, retakes and last-minute fine-tuning, all the young ladies seem to be enjoying their time on stage perfecting their performances. There were a few jitters, but nothing these young ladies couldn’t handle.  

Sydney Boykin said she was enjoying the experience, meeting new people and having the ability to be herself without worrying about what others thought.

Olivia Jimenez said she learned how to stand up and speak in front of a crowd. She also learned a lot about herself, made some life-long friends and had fun doing it.

Taylor Stotts said the pageant was a good opportunity. She enjoyed meeting people in the community and making lasting relationships with the other finalists. She also said it was an uplifting experience that helped build her confidence. It was a great journey, and the least important thing to her was winning the crown.

There is so much that goes into preparing these young ladies for the pageant. All the finalists have a sponsor, they work really hard and dedicate a lot of time. The attire that’s a part of the pageant includes formal wear, talent costumes and a tasteful bathing suit with sarong.

The young lady that wins the Miss Patterson crown has a first and second runner up and, Miss Congeniality as part of her court. Miss Patterson and her court will represent the City of Patterson for one year at various events, including ribbon cuttings and other community functions. The current Miss Patterson and her court will crown next years’ winners of Miss Patterson and her court.

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