Biggest Loser Winners

The Golden Valley Health Center, Newman, team poses with their t-shirts after being declared the winning team in the Biggest Loser Contest weigh-out, on Monday, August 19.

Team Golden Valley Health Center Newman won the 11th Annual Biggest Loser Contest, the weigh-out for which was held at the Al-Gorman Community Center in Gustine on Monday evening.

The event ended an eight-week competitive weight loss tradition that saw seven teams from around Stanislaus and Merced counties compete to see who could drop the most weight.

“This competition is a great way to get motivated and jumpstart a move to a healthier lifestyle," said Jim DeMartini, Stanislaus County Supervisor and Chairman of the Westside Health Care Task Force. “Hundreds of people have participated in this over the years, and we continue to be committed to improving the health of residents of the west side of Stanislaus County."

The weigh-out featured healthy lifestyle informational booths from organizations around the county. One booth, which belonged to the Gustine School District, showcased popular sports drinks alongside zip lock bags that contained the amount of sugar that is contained in the drinks.

“We are explaining to people and giving them a visual of how much sugar is actually in their sugary drinks,” said Director of Nutrition Services for Gustine School Districts, Jason Lugo. “We want to make sure they are fully aware that when they get a small can of something like this Shasta Tiki Punch, they are actually getting about eight-and-a-quarter teaspoons of sugar... Being overweight puts you at greater risk for heart disease, kidney disease, type-two diabetes, stroke and cancer.”

The Golden Valley Health Center Newman team lost a combined 72.16 pounds, or an average of 12.2 pounds per member.

“I would check in with my team daily when I visited the Newman site,” said Golden Valley Health Center Manager and team captain, Juana Fregoso. “We started watching what we were eating, exercising, drinking lots of water, and just motivating and encouraging one another.”

The event featured live sessions of chair yoga and healthy boxed lunches provided by the Gustine School District.

In second place were the Patterson Promotoras, who lost 56 pounds, or an average of 5.6 pounds per member; team Patterson, which featured Councilman Dominic Farinha and County Supervisor Jim DeMartini, finished in third place, with a combined weight loss of 43.56 pounds.

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