It’s always amazed me how quickly certain words and phrases become a part of our everyday language. If you follow the national news, you know that this is the latest:

Quid quo pro.

Its use centers around the day-to-day circumstances in Washington, D.C. And when it is used, we all need to pay attention – for it normally isn’t good.


It’s with sadness that we note the passing of 101-year-old Esther Hamilton, a longtime Patterson resident and former teacher who died this past week.

Esther had a lively spirit, many friends, and a large family. She was a longtime member of the Patterson Study Club, the community’s oldest organization.

Although she is dropped from our 90-plus list, Pattersonite Jim Naphy is added. He and his wife Kay have resided here since 2004 and he was recognized by friends with a birthday party just this past week.

Jim is a native of New Jersey who spent a career in the Air Force, serving in Alaska, Korea, Germany, Turkey, and Taiwan before retiring in 1968.

Our list now numbers 76.


With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to turn our attention to an amazing local project.

That would be the corn maze planned and operated by Fantozzi Farms out on Sperry Avenue. It annually attracts hundreds this time of year and again promises to be truly spectacular.


With our multi-term county Supervisor Jim DeMartini having announced his retirement this coming year, District 5 voters are already assured a race for the office in next year’s election.

Attorney Tom Hallinan has previously announced his candidacy, and now another generation of the Condit family also has made known his plans to seek the position. That would be Channce Condit of Ceres. Condit is about to conclude his first year on the Ceres City Council.

Hallinan, if elected, would no longer serve as Patterson’s city attorney.


Former Assembly Speaker Willie Brown, now a columnist for the SF Chronicle and a longtime leader in the Democratic Party, has this suggestion:

The Demos should consider running Hillary again against President Trump.

My feeling is that we have far too many Democratic candidates now. It’s time for some to get realistic and go back to what they were doing.

Besides, Hillary had her shot and is a major reason Trump got elected without garnering the popular vote. Time to move on.


Local Persons of Maturity surely remember the annual free Christmas shows at our Del Puerto Theatre. First, of course, they have to remember the theater itself.


The baseball commissioner reportedly has given the city of Oakland the word that the A’s will move – possibly to Las Vegas – if a new ball park complex is not soon approved.

That would definitely lengthen the commute for our own Gallo and his friends.


It’s interesting to note that of the last nine Patterson mayors, only one is deceased. That would be Wade Bingham who served from 1986-92.

Others in order starting in 1973 are Francis Bettencourt, Pat Maisetti who served twice, Tim Durbin, Richard Dodds, David Keller, Becky Campo, Luis Molina and our current mayor, Deborah Novelli.

As this December will mark the 100th anniversary of the incorporation of city of Patterson, it would be appropriate to recognize these past mayors as well as previous and present members of the city council.

PI editor/publisher emeritus

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