Impeachment. Not a pretty word, and one with major consequences. Unfortunately, impeachment of the president of the United States has become a political process. And that makes it ugly from the start.

The talk back in Washington of impeaching President Trump has been debated for many months. This week it shows signs of turning the corner.

As we are just over 13 months from a presidential election, I much prefer to let the voters decide on who sits in the oval office. If the impeachment process is initiated, it will drag out for many months prior to the election. All for naught – because the Senate surely won’t vote to remove Trump from office. Little is to be gained by the political jousting.

My opinion: Let the voters decide in 2020. They are the ultimate decision-makers.


For the past six years, Patterson has had a community event calendar, compliments of Boy Scout Troop 82.

But not next year.

Eric Langstaff and this scribe were involved in starting the calendar project in 2014. It required considerable time and effort to contact nearly 50 local organizations, churches and schools, who in turn had to schedule their event dates up to a year in advance. The cooperation was good, and the Scouts greatly benefitted from the calendar income.

But the project was overwhelming for a small group, and needs to be picked up by an organization with larger membership numbers. The major task is selling the calendars to the public, a project for which the Scouts were not allowed to go door-to-door.

Any group desiring information about the calendar project should contact Eric or this writer. But hurry … time is wasting!


Emily Langstaff, 24-year-old daughter of Eric and Barbara, remains hospitalized after suffering a serious leg injury in a vehicle crash back around Labor Day.

She was driving to work on West Main when her vehicle collided head-on with one driven by a motorist who dropped his cell phone. Four vehicles were involved in the crash. After being pinned in her car for some time, she was air-lifted to Memorial Hospital in Modesto and remained in surgery for nearly 12 hours. She recently was transferred to the Central Valley Acute Center facility in that city.

Full recovery is expected after many months of recovery. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.


The Patterson Rotary Club has taken some major hits.

Just last week they lost Rick Schiltz to a tragic auto accident. That came on the heels of the passing of longtime club stalwarts Paul Spencer, Howard Sword and Elwood Schut.


Watching one of my favorite TV programs the other day, I began to realize that I was being subjected to more commercials than program.

So I counted the next time they switched to a commercial break. No fewer than 12 advertisements in a row rolled across the screen – almost enough to cause me to forget which program I was watching.

Count yours, and if you top 12, let me know.


Local Persons of Maturity (don’t call us senior citizens) will remember when all city residents and businesses went to the post office to collect their mail.

That’s because city delivery didn’t begin here until early 1962.

Also, remember when phones were all attached to the wall? You may be older than you admit.


Give the 49ers credit … they overcame more than their share of giveaways (five) to beat the Steelers on Sunday. But don’t figure on that happening often. It won’t.


Readers haven’t enjoyed a Burma Shave sign since last week:

Don’t lose your head

To gain a minute.

You need your head

Your brains are in it.

  • Burma Shave

Ron Swift is editor/publisher emeritus of the Patterson Irrigator. He can be reached at

PI editor/publisher emeritus

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