World Scout Jamboree

Joseph Lundquist (left) and Zack Weeks this summer attended the World Scout Jamboree, a huge event held every four years – this time in West Virginia. Only 10 Scouts from this area were delegates.

Two members of Patterson Boy Scout Troop 81 have returned early this month from a Scouting adventure of a lifetime. They attended the 24th World Scout Jamboree held at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia.

Fifteen-year-old Zack Weeks and Joseph Lundquist, 14, attended the huge event that is held every four years at locations around the world. The next world jamboree in 2023 will be hosted by South Korea.

Jointly hosted this year by the United States, Canada and Mexico, the event drew 45,000 Scouts and Scouters (adults) from 165 different countries. About half of the delegates were female, as many national Scout organizations worldwide are co-ed.

The local Scouts flew to the East Coast July 20 and returned home Aug. 2. They were a part of U.S. Troop 421 that included 36 youth and four adults. Only 10 of those Scouts were from the Greater Yosemite Council here in the San Joaquin Valley. Troop 421, including Zack and Joseph, were pictured in the Aug. 2 issue of the Wall Street Journal.

While at the jamboree, the boys cooked their own meals, participated in a variety of activities that included skateboarding and scuba diving, and exchanges with troops from other countries including Australia, Sweden and Japan. They also got involved in a familiar jamboree activity – memorabilia trading that included patches, neckerchiefs and even uniforms. What didn’t they care for? The humid weather in West Virginia, which brought frequent rain showers followed by clear skies.

Both local Scouts noted that communication with those from other countries was not difficult in that most had learned English in school.

The jamboree drew a number of notables, including the king of Sweden who for security reasons wore a regular suit. The gathering had a limit of 2,300 visitors a day.

It is noted that only one other member of local Troop 81 has attended a world jamboree, that being Charles Lindner IV in 1988. He went to Australia.

Both local Scouts are sophomores. Zack is the son of Kristi and Rob Weeks and is an Eagle Scout who will be recognized in a ceremony next month for achieving that honor. Joseph, son of Troy and Shirley Lundquist, attends Central Catholic High School and his family now resides in Modesto. His younger brother Evan is also a member of the Patterson troop. Joseph holds the Life rank and is working on his Eagle requirements.

The individual cost of attending the event from the West Coast exceeded $3,000, including uniforms and spending money. Both Scouts were involved in fundraisers to defray that cost.


Last Saturday’s the memorial gathering to remember Dave Klein was one of those Patterson events that displayed the true heart of this community.

The turnout at our gymnasium named in his honor was a testament to Dave’s energetic support of our high school and its athletic program. Speakers Craig Bettencourt, Harley Parson and Dave Stubbs paid tribute to not only his coaching ability but to his support of PHS in general. The slide show prepared by Kelly Kolding was fascinating.

Dave was home-grown and home-trained. The crowd Saturday certainly recognized that.


Our Persons of Maturity remember when we could purchase candy bars for a nickel and packets of gum for the same price. Juicy fruit was the best, barely beating out clove.


All-Pro receiver Antonio Brown has yet to show his value to his new team, the Raiders.

But we know plenty about his preference for the type of helmet he wears, and that he has been suffering from frost-bitten feet.

That’s right, frost-bitten feet. That injury surely should go down in the NFL record books.


This email says a lot:

As you slide down the bannister of Life, you should pray that the splinters are pointed in your direction.

Ron Swift is editor/publisher emeritus of the Patterson Irrigator. He can be reached at

PI editor/publisher emeritus

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