The courtroom wasn’t quite as packed last Thursday morning as it had been on Monday, July 15, when the attorney for stalking suspect Flavio Alvarez requested a mental competency examination on his behalf. The hearing on the outcome of that exam is scheduled for August 19.

While in the courtroom before the hearing, the mother of the 28-year-old stalking victim could be seen wiping away tears.

New charges

Police confirmed last week that Alvarez, 20, has been “rebooked” on two additional charges, both felonies: 646.9(b), stalking; and 220(b), assault with intent to commit sexual assault. If he is found competent to stand trial, he will remain in custody pending the outcome of the trial. Whether the three original charges (burglary, violation of a restraining order and possession of methamphetamine) will remain will also be considered during the hearing on August 19.

If found incompetent

If Alvarez is found incompetent to stand trial, he will remain in custody, either at the Stanislaus County Jail or one of the state hospitals, until he is found competent. If at some point he is found competent, he would be held pending the outcome of the criminal trial.

In the hallway, the victim’s mother became emotional as she spoke of the toll the situation has taken on her family. “If I break down, she breaks down. I’m a mom; I have to protect her,” she said, strain showing on her face. As she spoke, Alvarez was led across the hall, staring at the victim.

Alvarez is also due back in court on a charge related to the alleged stalking of an 89-year-old woman on August 14.

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