Diablo Grande Golf Course

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Residents in the Diablo Grande settlement southwest of Patterson have been informed by World International, the development’s owner, that its remaining course, The Ranch, will be closed on October 19.

A letter sent to residents on September 20 referred to the “temporary” closure of the golf course, citing “the financial challenges associated with operating the golf courses.”

The letter indicated that the golf course will close, but little else.

Though nothing has been announced as yet, rumors online are swirling that the golf and country club may have another owner very soon.

The concept for the development, intended to be a resort community of about 5,000 to 10,000 homes, with amenities including multiple golf courses, an equestrian center, vineyards and a winery, and even an upscale professional office area, was approved in the fall of 1993. About 2,300 acres have been developed, and a project to build another 1,000 homes was approved in 2017.

Since construction was completed, the resort has become part of the community, serving as the backdrop for countless rounds of golf, many golf tournaments, athletic endurance competitions, social and charitable events over the years, and at one point, was even considered as a location for a solar farm. At least one multi-agency first responder training has been held there.

The company will reportedly continue to water the course for the time being.

The Legends course was closed due to the drought in 2014.

The Irrigator will continue to follow this story as it develops.

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