Local realtor George Galloway Mac Master was chosen to fill a vacant seat on the Del Puerto Health Care District (DPHCD) Board of Directors, the district recently announced.

The seat has been vacant since Sheree Lustgarten resigned in May. Although Lustgarten’s term was four years, this term will expire with the next election cycle.

Three local residents submitted applications for the vacancy, Administrative Director / CEO Karin Hennings said last week via email. The other two applicants both had health care-related backgrounds, she said.

The applicants were invited to the regular Board of Directors meeting on Monday, July 29 to share their experiences and interest in serving on the board. Each candidate shared their qualifications and brought different perspectives to the table.

One applicant took a specific interest in the operational aspects of the District and the patient perspective on receiving care in Patterson. The other emphasized working with the board as a team and understanding long-term needs to bring additional services into the community. Mac Master also discussed expanding health care services to the area, and serving as a District advocate within the community.

“All three of you are excellent candidates, and at any other time there would have been room for you,” said Board President Steve Pittson, referring to the recent election in which four board seats were unopposed, including a fourth seat opened in 2018 when former resident Frank Daras moved out of state.

Mac Master said he was inspired to apply for the spot by Elwood Schut. (Editor’s note: Mr. Schut was known for never having missed a Rotary meeting.)

“My goal is to uphold the mission statement, show up at every meeting and have fun doing so,” he said.

After the results were announced the other two applicants were invited by Pittson to sit on the Health Care District’s Ad Hoc Community Health Needs Assessment committee, to study the status of health and services that are most needed on the West Side of the county.

Pittson’s closing comment reminded the group, “There are going to be future Board openings, and serving on this committee will be great experience.”

The Del Puerto Health Care District Board of Directors meets the last Monday of each month at 6:30 PM in the conference room at 1700 B Keystone Pacific Parkway. The public is invited to attend.

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