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A Patterson man has accused Patterson Police Services deputies of using excessive force in an incident that occurred on September 1.

In an online post, Arshad Wood said that he stepped out of his house to film a deputy “looking in” his car, and a confrontation involving brutality ensued. Wood mentions his mother and a cousin being arrested in the post, as well.

Reached by phone earlier this morning, Police Chief Marc Nuno, speaking regarding use-of-force incidents in general said, “Unfortunately people like to comment when they don’t have all the facts. Fortunately, we have the body cameras that will show whether or not we did or didn’t use excessive force. We will hold our people accountable if we find out excessive force is used.”

Nuno later confirmed that Wood was arrested on September 1. Deputies were in the area conducting an investigation into an unrelated robbery, he said, when Wood stepped outside to film them looking into his vehicle, and a confrontation ensued.

Nuno also said that he had received a phone call from a relative of Wood’s, alleging excessive use of force and expressing concerns about injuries Wood is alleged to have received in the incident.

Nuno said he had looked at the video, and “because of his behavior,” Wood’s legs and body had been restrained, and he had had a “spit bag” placed over his head. He had attempted to kick out the rear passenger door window, and was spitting at officers, as well as challenging them to fight, Nuno said.

In his post, Wood said he was “tapping” on the door to get the deputies’ attention because he was “dehydrated,” although Nuno said Wood did not mention being dehydrated or needing water at the hospital. “He just kept challenging the deputies to fight,” he said via text.

Editor’s note: All use-of-force incidents require specific protocol, including that the suspect be checked out and cleared by medical personnel.

Nuno said Wood displayed “very aggressive behavior” at the hospital, “challenging deputies to take off his cuffs so that he could fight them. Hospital staff even had a hard time trying to get him medically cleared because of his unwillingness to cooperate.”

When Wood was taken to jail, he “became combative with staff there, as well,” Nuno said, continuing to challenge deputies to fight.

The Irrigator is awaiting an opportunity to view the police bodycam footage under the Freedom of Information Act, and will update when further information is available.

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