Patterson Unified School District

A photo of the Paterson Unified School District offices on March 14 in Patterson.

The school district recently provided details for some upcoming classroom additions, as well as some general information on the much-anticipated Theatre project. The projects will be undertaken using either Proposition 51 Bond funds or AB 48, The Public Preschool, K-12 and College Health & Safety Bond Act of 2020.

Walnut Grove classroom addition

A total of eight classrooms will be added, one of which will be large and will serve as a music instruction room, Assistant Superintendent Jeff Menge said. “There will also be two restrooms included which will make facilities more accessible to students on campus.”

Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in early December, and be completed in early August, 2020. The cost estimate for the project is approximately $5 to $5.5 million, subject to competitive bidding results.

PHS addition

This will be the first two-story school building in the district, and probably in the area. In considering whether to build up rather than out, the district considered “student access, building density, preserving green/open space, construction cost efficiency and related factors, Menge said. “The District has plans for a second building when and if additional space is needed. These two buildings will allow our campus to grow to the size at which a second high school would be needed while most effectively utilizing the space we have on campus.”

Most of the concerns have centered around “ensuring the space is conducive to educating our students and having sufficient and appropriate space for chemistry, biology, and health sciences labs. To address these concerns, we garnered input from all stakeholders and formed an advisory group made up of science teacher staff. We led campus tours of similar facilities and included our architects and advisor group so that they could provide direct feedback. The final plan revisions are based on that user group feedback/input.

The addition will create six labs on the first floor of the building and 7 classroom buildings on the second floor.

Construction is estimated to be complete by 8/2021, at an estimated cost of $ 8 million, subject to competitive bidding results, Menge said.


Lastly, and probably most eagerly-awaited, construction on the theatre to be located in Centennial Park is slated to begin in 2021, and construction is estimated to be complete by August of 2021. Estimated cost to the district, subject to competitive bidding, is $14 million.

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