Pattersonites who have hoped for more dining choices will soon have an upscale option in Javi’s Fine Mexican Food.

The restaurant will be located at 50 South Del Puerto Avenue, in the former Pizza Plus location. The Turlock-based, family-owned business, whose website says the family opened its original restaurant in a former ice cream parlor in 1987, also has locations in Hilmar, Oakdale and Modesto.

Conditional Use Permit

The restaurant’s owners were required to obtain a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) because, as in their other locations, the menu will include hard alcohol. The city’s Municipal Code requires a CUP for any restaurant serving “items other than beer and wine,” Associate Planner Teresa Rodriguez wrote in the staff report. The requirement is in place to give the city and the Sheriff’s department recourse if alcohol-related issues arise at or because of the establishment.

Planning Commission Chair Ron West explained that a new kind of business in an old location wouldn’t normally have required the commission’s approval, as long as the new use is allowed by the zoning. Even a restaurant in a location formerly occupied by another eating establishment wouldn’t normally have required the commission’s approval. “If it’s another commercial use allowed in that Downtown Commercial District, we would not have seen it… If it’s gone from hats to shoes, then we wouldn’t care. He (the restaurant’s owners) could sell pizza or top hats. The good news is that we’re getting another nice restaurant.”

The CUP requires a six-month review.

The target opening for the restaurant has not been announced.

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