During the public comment period of last Thursday’s Planning Commission meeting, the owner of a local mobile home park addressed the group about issues he said are being caused by homeless people in the area of South First Street. He has “sympathy for homeless people,” he said, but said his tenants don’t feel safe. He has had to begin allowing his tenants to keep dogs for safety, he said. He also expressed concerns in case of an accident or fire, and said he’s “willing to do something to help.”

Planning Director David James referred the owner to Code Enforcement, which is under his jurisdiction. He added that he would address the issue with the police department.

Patterson Recycling 6-month review

As required by the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) conditions, a six-month review of Patterson Recycling was also on the agenda for Thursday night. Staff advised that they were not aware of any issues with Patterson Recycling. Staff also recommended that the one-year review requirement be dropped.

The business owner confirmed the requirements for anyone not in the business’s system to recycle commonly-stolen items such as copper wire: a valid California ID, license plate and thumbprint. A photo of the person is taken with the item, and they are asked where it came from.

After some discussion, the six-month review was approved. The one-year review requirement was left in place.

Grainger expansion

The body also approved an expansion for the Grainger building, which would bring the current 800,000 square-foot facility to just under a million square feet. The addition will also add parking spaces for 33 additional semi-trailers on the northeast corner of the property.

An additional 79 regular parking spaces would normally be required; however, City Planner Joel Andrews said current parking use for the building is “way below the parking that they’ve provided,” Andrews said, “and even with the addition, they don’t expect that to be an issue.”

The environmental document determined that the project would have a traffic impact I-5 / Sperry interchange, so the project requires what’s referred to as a mitigation measure – in this case, the project must pay its fair share of the cost of improvements for the future expansion of the interchange.

The architect’s representative said the Master Plan for the site anticipated future expansion, so the utility services to the property are sized to accommodate this expansion.

Emergency communications tower

The group approved a “negative declaration” for a 160-foot tall communications tower, which is needed to improve communications for area first responders. City staff acknowledged that there is a height limit for private towers, but due to the nature of the tower, the limit will be waived. The negative declaration is the environmental documentation needed for the project to proceed. City Planner Joel Andrews said that staff had “looked at different things could do with the tower, but because of height, what we would typically do doesn’t make a lot of sense. In design, we tried to make it as low-profile and unobtrusive as possible.”

Electric vehicle chargers

Another topic of discussion was electrical vehicle (EV) chargers, which had been discussed briefly at the group’s last meeting. Although the California Building Code does not currently have EV charger requirements, Associate Planner Teresa Rodriguez said, the city does, based on the number of parking stalls for a project. Those requirements were set by a company that has since gone out of business, so city staff was unable to obtain the background information as to how the requirement was set. The current city requirement is up to four chargers, with four required for a project with 201 or more parking stalls. The topic will be brought back up at a later meeting, Planning Director David James said.

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