Flavio Alvarez

Booking photo, Flavio Alvarez, 20. Alvarez is accused of stalking two Patterson women, and authorities are aware that there have been more victims. The family of one of the victims and Patterson Police Services Chief Marc Nuno have asked that any other women who believe they may have been harassed by Alvarez to come forward.

Flavio Alvarez, the Patterson man accused of stalking two local women, is facing new felony charges after he was rebooked last week.

The additional charges were added after Det. Talea Martin, who has been working on the case since shortly after the burglary at the main victim’s home on July 6, took an additional statement from her. Martin then worked with the prosecuting attorney to ensure those charges would appear on Alvarez’s record in time for a hearing already scheduled for Wednesday (July 17).

Alvarez, 20, was originally held on charges of burglary, violation of a restraining order and possession of methamphetamine, as well as a special enhancement. Those charges remain.

The record now includes an additional charge of 220(B), a felony, which the California Legislative Information website defines as assault with intent to commit sexual assault during a first-degree burglary. The sentence is shown on the website as life in state prison with the possibility of parole.

The second new felony charge, 646.9(B), stalking when there is a restraining order in place, is also a felony.  The sentence shown for that charge is two to four years in state prison.

The hearing originally scheduled for Wednesday was to determine whether the two misdemeanor charges, violating a restraining order and possession of methamphetamine, would be dropped. However, a new Deputy DA has been assigned to the case, and has requested that that hearing be postponed until next week to allow him time to become familiar with the case. The hearing has been rescheduled for this Thursday, July 25.

From the in custody records, it’s unclear when the arraignment on the latest charges will occur.

Alvarez remains in the Stanislaus County Jail pending a psychiatric evaluation. A competency hearing is scheduled for August.

Pattern concerns police

In a telephone interview on Saturday, July 20, Martin said that the “pattern of escalation, priors moving forward until now, that’s concerning for us. That’s why we’re working with the DA’s office... If help is what he needs, hopefully he’ll get that help within the judicial system, but he needs some kind of help.” She added later in the conversation: “We did work very hard to get those (new felony charges) on the books.”

Martin shared the impact that the situation has had on the victim’s entire family. When she visited for a second interview, “Kids were playing outside,” she said, “and that’s probably the first time they’ve been allowed to play outside, without fear. And that, to me, was pretty powerful.”

Both the victim’s family and Patterson Police Chief Marc Nuno have urged other women who believe they may have been targeted, or may otherwise have been victimized by the suspect, to come forward. In an earlier interview, Chief Nuno said that any additional victims who do come forward will strengthen the case against Alvarez. He reiterated that statement during an interview on Thursday.

Martin on Saturday also encouraged others to come forward. She acknowledged that the other possible victims are “basically terrified, but if they will come forward, it will help give them peace of mind and closure. If other victims come forward, it will give credence (to the current case) to the court. Other victims coming forward, they get a voice – they get their voice back, and they can help her (the main victim) in the process; they can regain their strength with that. We (the legal system) can give them a voice to say what happened to them. We may not be able to adjudicate (prosecute the suspect), but we can give them back that voice. As women we have to do that for each other.”

In a phone interview on Thursday, the main victim herself also called on others to come forward: “If someone who has had an encounter with this guy, to where he was… hurting them or attempting to hurt them, or stalking victims, don’t be scared, because there’s more (victims) out there, and, basically, we can’t get him unless we come together,” she said, “and prevent him from hurting future victims. Because he won’t stop,” she said, “He’s not gonna stop. The more people that speak up, the better. Someone’s gonna end up badly hurt,” she said. “I’m not gonna give up fighting to get him off the street.”

Detective Talea Martin can be reached at 892-5071, option 4. The Police Station is located at 33 South Del Puerto Avenue. Sexual assault hotline, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 800-656-HOPE (4673). Additional resources are available online.

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