Modesto – Stanislaus Animal Services recently introduced Lost2Found, a new program to increase the number of lost pets that are reunited with their owners.

When owners lose a pet, it is an emotional, stressful situation, coupled with lack of knowledge of the resources available to help in the search.

Lost2Found will provide knowledge of lost pet behavior, evidence-based strategies, and links to shelters in the area.

To access the system, pet owners text the word “STRAYS” to 555-888, which will guide them through the entire process of finding a lost pet, from links to view pets on local shelters’ websites to in-depth video tutorials.

The new program is a result of a grant from the PETCO Foundation to Front Street Animal Shelter. The shelter will be distributing a magnet with the text messaging information everywhere to educate the public.

“We are excited to try a new solution to help pets be united with owners. We want the community to remember they have lost pet resources available to assist in the reunification of their family member,” said Annette Patton, Executive Director of Stanislaus Animal Services.

Stanislaus Animal Services Agency hopes that the combination of Lost2Found and other resources will lead to a higher return-to-owner rate, reuniting more families with their lost pets and creating much-needed kennel space for the animals that truly need to be at the shelter.

Stanislaus Animal Services Agency continues to reinvent animal services, with new methods to save lives.

The agency asks the community for continued support, “as we want to continue to move forward with life-saving efforts and reuniting pets with owners in Stanislaus County.”

Stanislaus Animal Services Agency is located at 3647 Cornucopia Way, Modesto and can be reached at 209-342-1740.

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