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Robert Allen Bettencourt, the Fremont man held in the Stanislaus County Jail on charges related to a number of fraudulent orders placed at the Grainger warehouse here in Patterson, has now been tied to three additional thefts that occurred here over the past several months, police said Thursday.

Patterson Police Services Det. Talea Martin said when Bettencourt was arrested in June that he had allegedly instructed several accomplices to pick up orders fraudulently charged to legitimate customers of various warehouses, “at multiple locations, multiple times a day.” Also arrested at the time were Matthew Allen Bellmer, 35, of Union City and Michael James Kean, 46, of Fremont. Neither Bellmer nor Kean is shown as being in custody in the Stanislaus County Jail as of this writing.

Perhaps coincidentally, records for Bettencourt and Bellmer show that they lived on the same street, within 10 blocks of each other, in Fremont.

Carlo A. Benaducci, 44, of San Bruno, is also currently in custody in connection with the case. He faces additional charges, including possession of a controlled substance for sale, grand theft, a firearms-related charge, an enhancement for committing a crime while on probation and driving on a suspended license.

Martin said a break in the case came when investigators identified a vehicle used in an earlier theft at another warehouse. That information helped Sheriff’s Department investigators working on a similar case involving Bettencourt, and the alleged theft ring, in Modesto.

Martin said in a phone interview Friday evening that Bettencourt had been arrested in the Modesto case, and was out on bail from that case and walking down the courthouse steps when he was arrested in June. Information from the Modesto case proved very helpful in their investigations of the Patterson cases, she said. The Modesto case dates back to 2017.

She also confirmed that Bettencourt has been incarcerated on similar charges in the past.

A review of Stanislaus County Superior Court records for a Robert Allen Bettencourt indicate theft charges dating back to 2005 and 2006, when the records indicate Bettencourt pled guilty or no contest to several burglary and grand theft charges. He also pled no contest to two counts of petty theft during that time period. A count related to unauthorized use of an account in 2005 was dismissed.

Investigators are in touch with other jurisdictions, where similar thefts have taken place.

Martin said police “haven’t tracked where the stolen tools are going, but we are working on it. As long as there’s info out there, we’ll continue to work a case.”

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