I have a concern I would like to address if I may. Last night (Oct 10, 2018) while at my place of worship for what we call “family night.” I came out of the church and immediately noticed three young men about 17 to 19 years of age. Not anything out of the norm on family night with children, teen agers, and adults present.

Then I saw they were smoking recreational marijuana. Many things went through my mind as I thought how to properly, respectfully, and without confrontation deal with this. Do I just call the police or try to counsel these young men.

I also had to deal with the memory of speaking to Patterson City Council this year two times, on the dangers of recreational marijuana from my personal experience.

I too at one time felt it was harmless yet, local law enforcement, medial studies and professional educators are combating, the negative effects of recreational marijuana today. I recently saw a marque of a school district in the valley while driving by. “Marijuana negative effective “memory loss, lack of focus, limits able to retain information.

The alarming issue: the information has been out there for years. I heard it said by some elected officials why have we not heard from you and others before. In context to Patterson voting to have local dispensary and other types of business, associated with recreational marijuana. I did give much thought to that question. I will answer now. I did make my voice known, I voted for what I believed were capable, level minded, leaders. The question I like to ask: Who has it been entrusted to, make this decision by the voters? To weight out the negatives with the positives before making a decision?

The city of Patterson is not benefiting.

Joseph Tenorio


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