The serious abuse by the mainstream media and the lack of morality overwhelming our society by the fake news and Hollywood are what’s destroying our country and culture. The misinformation or outright lies about the humanitarian crisis on our southern border must stop! The lives taken by illegal immigrants, illegal drugs and human trafficking are REAL! Just because the media chooses to be silent about the facts doesn’t make those lives any less important than those missing a couple of paychecks.

Nobody said a word when Obama added miles more of border wall during his terms or about the millions he deported or the thousands of children separated from their families! I thought those writing in were not supposed to knowingly lie? The ignorance and hypocrisy all because of the hate for this President is way out of control and is destroying the state of California. Being one of the highest taxed states should be Democrat constituents concern as the rich elite Democrat leaders who are taxing the middle class out of this state only care about keeping our money in their pockets. Josh Harder’s rise to stardom was hidden by the media but the middle class will soon see that he will be just another Pelosi pawn seeking power, control and future voters to insure that they all continue living their lives of luxury at our expense. And Californians will have no one to blame but themselves. God and Trump hating will reap its just rewards.

Diane Griego


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