I worked hard and long on the Harder Campaign. During Harder’s recent visit to our district, I knew that all my efforts and the efforts of many, many others were worth it.

Harder came to listen. He talked with people about their many concerns, but he also did something very unusual for a politician. He asked questions and listened to the answers.

One of the questions at the Town Hall was about the government shutdown. I was impressed with Harder’s respectful answer. Harder talked about what people would think if we had a Democratic president and a Republican Congress in 2020 and the Democratic president demanded Medicare for All or he/she’d shut down the government. He emphasized that holding the government hostage is not how a democracy works. He went on to talk about the large majority of heroin coming into this country, not overland, but in shipments coming into ports of entry and in semi-trucks driven over the border. He stated that’s where we need to put our efforts. It was a thoughtful, comprehensive answer.

Harder continues to be a critical thinker, examining numerous perspectives to get to the most practical outcomes that benefit all of us in CA-10.

Victoria M. Stewart


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