I recently participated in the local Women’s March and rally at Graceada Park, in Modesto, where I had the pleasure of meeting with Josh Harder. What really struck me as I watched him interact with his constituents was the manner in which he intently listened to each person and responded with kindness and genuine interest. He talks with you, not at you.

In past years I attempted several times to communicate with Congressman Harder’s predecessor, with no success. It was quite a contrast to see Congressman Harder make himself so accessible to the people of District 10. Not only does the congressman actively listen to the people, he regularly communicates his inspiring vision for this great valley. Frequently I receive emails from Josh keeping me up to date on what he’s been doing for his district and the country. It is refreshing to have a Congressman who communicates with the people of his District and encourages them to be involved.

We are fortunate to have Josh Harder represent us in Congress. It is evident that he cares about the people of District 10 and their needs.

Christy Walker


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