I’ve never had the sense the Josh Harder was a “local guy.” I am not disputing the fact that he was born and raised here. I have no doubt that his family is also here. My sense of him not being a local guy comes from extreme values that don’t match our community and his lack of voting in local elections. He missed very important local elections on issues he’s now criticizing Denham for. He certainly voted in the first election he could once he registered in San Francisco County. Harder may have a place in politics someday but he certainly has no business representing our Valley.

Daniel Ramiez


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I’ve posted twice but as most liberal media they silence conservatives. Josh Harder is an out of touch elite funded by Hollywood, SF and New York money! Bought and paid for! His values would help turn California into a place that those trying to come over illegally are fleeing!


Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts as none but one or two truthful or negative thoughts about Josh from residence of Patterson have been printed. Out of town residence from places other than Pattersons support of Harder have covered the opinion pages for months. I wrote an opinion stating facts about Harder after he graduated and who has funded his campaign after he decided to come back and start voting here. You are correct in that Harder has no business wanting to suddenly take an interest in the Valleys residence or our values. He is a hardcore liberal elite funded politician who wants to raise our taxes to fund the lifestyle he has become accustomed to. Denham is imperfect as we all are but knows what we value in the Valley and it isn't Hollywood or San Francisco policies.


I’m so glad to know other minorities are interested in truth not just believing every talking point meant to persuade minorities. I’ve written about all of Harders faults but they’ve been ignored and instead out of town Harder supporters comments flooded our newspaper. He left immediately after graduating and did a lot of self interest work if you get my meaning. They post these truths late in the game intentionally. We all need to pray pray pray.

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