It sure is funny how hate manifested by the fake news media can change a narrative so quickly. In 2008 when thousands lost their homes and jobs or had to file bankruptcy as we did there wasn’t an outcry about what were we gonna do then like now when people still have their jobs and their homes. But what’s worse is thousands have lost their lives to illegal immigrants and that isn’t a concern or garners no sympathy from liberal and selfish folk! My brother was a victim of MS-13 member violence that took his life for no reason! They had a record and should have been deported long before they murdered my brother! Where are the articles about those families who will never see their loved ones again and who will never have an opportunity to work or buy food or a home ever again. Rep Steve King (R-IA), one of the most ardent immigration hawks in Congress, estimated in 2006 that illegal aliens kill 12 American per day, which comes out to 4,380 per year, but the federal government does not keep track of such statistics, so any specific numbers are unverifiable estimates.

Morality no longer has a place in this state only hate, envy and jealousy of a President. And if the mainstream media would treat this President even half as honestly as they did Obama the hateful narrative would not have brainwashed most of this state. California and its high and ridiculous taxes should be more troubling to its residents than a shutdown of which at least they are guaranteed back pay. Dead Americans at the hands of illegals will never have anything to look forward to good or bad!

Diane Griego


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