I always look forward to reading Ron Swift’s column and usually I can quite easily agree with his viewpoints because I think we belong to a certain age group, however, that said, I could not disagree more about the booing of the nation’s supposed president at the World Series.

Number 45 has done the following that leads me to disrespect him though through some extenuating circumstances he become number 45. First, he made fun of a handicapped reporter, then he chatted publicly about grabbing women, then he spews hate at many groups, including Mexicans among many others. He disrespected a family whose son had given his life for this country. He lays blame on everyone else, but does not admit to his own errors. There is no separation of his continued private earnings or his family’s. As one can see, he had a great model in former President Jimmy Carter who avoided any such conflicts by separating himself from his private earnings.

So, Mr. Swift, when he gives me something to respect, I shall be the first one to publicly say so. Meanwhile, what was witnessed at the World Series is Americans who have had enough. They booed his thinking and his Russian ties as well as his belief Ithat the Nazi thinking is just fine. No thanks!

A very angry Mexican women who votes every time.

Mary Solorio Brandt

Patterson resident

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