You can always tell when a career politician like Jeff Denham is worried about an upcoming election because every TV ad begins by attacking his opponent with nothing resembling the truth. The other is when his supporters slither out into the night to take down their opponent’s ad signs around town. Fortunately for Josh Harder he has thousands of volunteers who are out everyday knocking on doors telling people in person who he is & what he stands for. Josh is also not afraid to meet the people he wants to represent. He has held more than a dozen town halls in just the last month to listen to the people of the Central Valley. Jeff Denham has been in congress for nearly 8 years & his only major accomplishment has been to vote to repeal the Afordable Care Act more than 60 times & give a giant tax break to his wealthy donors & big corporations that fund his campaign. If you watched any news last week (even on Fox) you received a clear picture of how broken our government truly is. Election Day is a little over 5 weeks away & it is time for the people of the Central Valley to have a representative who is not going to be part of the Washington good old boy club.

Vote for Change

Vote for Josh Harder

Gina Bentayeb


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