Sweat, chalk and brawny screaming returned to the 49th annual Patterson Apricot Fiesta this summer, when the Ultimate Armwrestling League hosted their annual Apricot Fiesta Armwrestling Championships.

Participant turnout was limited this year, but despite the slim number of entrants, the event put on a total of 18 different weight class brackets.

Kenny Hughes, a regular on the Ultimate Armwrestling League circuit, went home with four first place finishes, making him the most successful participant at the 2019 tournament. Two of those titles were in the open right handed 186-205 and 206-232 pound divisions. Hughes also scored a pair of first place finishes in the open left handed 166-205 and 206 plus pound weight classes.

Circuit regular Ryan Ballesteros finished in second place behind Hughes in all four of the above mentioned events. Ballesteros also claimed a first place slot of his own, taking the top spot in the open right 233 plus pound division.

Nathan Kahn reigned supreme in the open right and open left 0-165 bracket, with a pair of first-place results.

Brandon Rhein finished in second behind Kahn in both divisions, while tallying a first place finish of his own in the amateur left 0-165 division, and a second place spot in the amateur right 0-165 division, behind Mike Russell.

Amateur Tommy Delfin was king of the amateur left 233 pounds plus division, while also squeezing in a bronze finish in the amateur right 233 pounds plus division behind Rigo Trevieo and Alexsander Kirnos.

Kenneth Leach was a three-time medalist with a first place performance in the amateur right 206-232 bracket, and a third place finish in the amateur left 206-232 and open right 233 pounds plus divisions. Thomas Stubbline finished behind Leach in the amateur right division, but took the number one spot in the amatuer left bracket.

Vince Pawloski, another regular at the Apricot Fiesta Armwrestling Championships, garnered first-place finishes in the amateur right 166-185 and the amateur left 186-205 categories.

The open right 166-185 division was highlighted by a father son duo. David Owens Sr. took home bragging rights, besting David Owens Jr. for supremacy in the bracket.

With only two female entrants this year, the Ultimate Armwrestling League only hosted one women’s bracket. Gerrie Edwards finished in first place in the lone open right handed event. Bettina Modaresi took second place.


Men’s Amateur Right 0-165: 1.) Mike Russell, 2.) Brandon Rhein 3.) Paul Silveira

Men’s Amateur Right 166-185: 1.) Vince Palowski 2.) Omar Granados

Men’s Amateur Right 186-205: 1.) Lorenzo Fiez 2.) Robert Ballesteros 3.) Shawn Escalante

Men’s Amateur Right 206-232: 1.) Kenneth Leach 2.) Thomas Stubbleline 3.) Ray Martinez

Men’s Amateur Right 233+: 1.) Rigo Trevieo 2.) Alexsander Kirnos 3.) Tommy Delfin

Men’s Amateur Left 0-165: 1.) Brandon Rhein 2.) Paul Silveira 3.) Mike Russell

Men’s Amateur Left 186-205: 1.) Vince Palowski 2.) Robert Ballesteros 3.) Vadim Drozmzmin

Men’s Amateur Left 206-232: 1.) Thomas Stubbleline 2.) Andrei Strall 3.) Kenneth Leach

Men’s Amateur Left 233+: 1.) Tommy Delfin 2.) Rigo Trenzo 3.) Tony Zepeda

Men’s Open Right 0-165: 1.) Nathan Kahn 2.) Brandon Rhein 3.) Michael Obradovich

Men’s Open Right 166-185: 1.) David Owens Sr. 2.) David Owens Jr. 3.) Brian Modaresi

Men’s Open Right 186-205: 1.) Kenny Hughes 2.) Ryan Ballesteros 3.) Lino

Men’s Open Right: 206-232: 1.) Kenny Hughes 2.) Ryan Ballesteros 3.) Sal Khazal

Men’s Open Right 233+: 1.) Ryan Ballesteros 2.) Kenny Hughes 3.) Kenneth Leach

Men’s Open Left 0-165: 1.) Nathan Kahn 2.) Brandon Rhein 3.) Michael Obradovich

Men’s Open Left 166-205: 1.) Kenny Hughes 2.) Ryan Ballesteros 3.) Lino

Men’s Open Left 206+: 1.) Kenny Hughes 2.) Ryan Ballesteros 3.) Andre Stratin

Women’s Open Right: 1.) Gerrie Edwards 2.) Bettina Modaresi

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