An open letter to Dene Bustichi, Donna Lind, and Randy Johnson,

First, I want to thank you for an extraordinary experience and thank you for your service -- past, present and in the future.

We have all known each other for a long while, whether it be through fundraisers, chamber of commerce, or charity events.  All who participated in this past City Council election ran their campaigns in their best interest and to advance their cause, as it should be.

However, it does no good for our community to continue to say there were “dirty politics” and “outside influences” during this campaign season. 

From my upfront and personal seat, the only outside influences I saw was the Political Action Committee by Councilman Jim Reed funded by all outside influences supporting your campaigns. 

This is not a condemnation. As a political wonk, I understand it, and frankly had to smile when I saw the ads thinking to myself, “Wow, big -ime politics has reached my small home town.”  

As to dirty politics, that is a cliche. There are no dirty politics, there are only truths and untruths and unfortunately we all have some painful truths. 

However, we are all adults and responsible for our own actions, which at some point or another, have consequences.  There is not one among us who has not felt that personal pain at some point of our lives, and have paid dearly for it.

Donna and Randy, I have already read some derogatory comments on Facebook about the new person on the council, Jack Dilles.

That is unacceptable to me as a citizen of this community. 

I would hope that you as my councilpersons, representing me, will welcome Jack Dilles to our Scotts Valley City Council with open arms and heart, allowing his constituents to be fully represented.

I believe that after all our city has endured this past campaign season we can start anew, refreshed, and ready to tackle the challenges that are ahead.

I looked forward to the New Year with our new council and wish them Godspeed,

-- Rosanna Herrera

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Bill Smallman

In my opinion, having an article published about Mr. Bustichi's business a few weeks before the election is unfair, or what many would call, "Dirty Politics". The reason is because the very fact the he had trouble paying one of his subcontractors has absolutely nothing to do with how effectively he has sat on City Council. The voters, on the other hand, we deceptively made to think it did. Not focusing on anything to do with his performance on the Council, but only his personal life is just plain wrong.


If the city council were a purely ceremonial position I might agree that judgment and ethics in business are irrelevant, but it's not a purely ceremonial position.

It stopped being a purely private matter the moment the CSLB handed down it's decision.

IMO running for reelection without disclosing the decision to the public was the deceptive act. Mr Bustichi could have disclosed it a year ago, taken some heat, and by the time the election rolled around it would have been old news. Unfortunately that wasn't the path he chose.

Too bad, so sad...

Falsus in uno falsus in omnibus

With all due respect Mr. Smallman, I wholeheartedly disagree with your assessment here. I am somewhat surprised at the naivete of your statement.

Did you read the judgment? In short, it stated that based upon how Mr. Bustichi conducted business, he should not be involved in the management of any professional building/development concern. It further states the finding that either gross negligence or outright deceptive business practices led to the revocation.

I don't point this out to cause Mr. Bustichi further personal embarrassment, but to ask you how on earth you figure that information is not extremely germane to fitness for a public office that is in part responsible for final approval of municipal development projects pending in Scotts Valley (of which there are many, both in progress or in line for approval).

Playing dirty politics regarding an official's personal matters would be saying he stiffed people on tips around town or was a bad guy to go on a date with.

As a person who was set to vote for Mr. Bustichi prior to the late breaking news, I am grateful it came out prior to the election, no matter how that came about, I would have felt duped. I agree with svhomer that had he disclosed prior to election, things may not have turned out the way they did.

To hold that information back for 18 months in hopes that no one would take a look at a website provided by the State to provide public information about the integrity of it's licensees and then cry foul play over it, not acceptable.

Given you are a newly elected official, I hope you understand public officials are held to a much higher standard than private citizens, with good reason.

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