Make Your Summer Sizzle

Bear Creek Pool in Boulder Creek 

I know, kids, I know. Summer can be a bummer, right? Sure, you get to sleep in, and you don’t have any homework, but let’s face it: day after day with nothing FUN to do can get boring, right? So, what can you do to make the most of your time away from school?

While everyone has a different concept of fun, here’s a list of some off-the-cuff ideas to help your summer sizzle instead of fizzle. Make sure to check in with your parents or caregivers first!

* Plan a scavenger hunt with your friends. Whether you’re in elementary, middle or high school, a good time can be had by all if you put together a scavenger hunt in one of our local towns. Try this on for size:

* Find: a dog on a sign, a mailbox, an “open” sign, something made of hemp, something tie-dye, a food item on a menu that you’ve never tried, a red car with an out-of-state license plate, a place with crayons, a strange-looking fruit, a fire truck and a fire engine (yes, they’re two different things!) and a store or restaurant with a staircase. 

* Do: sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” with a store employee, do the hokey-pokey with someone who works in a library, draw a hopscotch game on the sidewalk and invite a family to hop along, and find someone who can recite the alphabet backwards.

* Make sure you get your parents’ or caregiver’s permission before you embark on your hunt!

* Tuesday movies at Cinelux Scotts Valley are only $5 each! How can you earn the money to see your favorite film this summer? (Parents, this one’s up to you!)

* Wash your family car.

* Give your family pet a bath.

* Help wash and dry dishes (or help load and unload the dishwasher).

* Pitch in for laundry duty - folding clean sheets is fun!

* Water your garden and help to trim or pick items for your family.

* Start a babysitting club (appropriate for middle schoolers and up).

* Ask your parents or caregivers what else you can do to help chip in for a trip to the theater!

* Make a difference! There are plenty of things you can do to help your neighbors and your community.

* Offer to water your neighbor’s plants while they’re away.

* Pull up their trash cans.

* Read a book to a youngster that can’t read as well as YOU can.

* Bake a special treat, write a letter or draw a picture, and take it to your local fire department, police department or sheriff’s office to share your appreciation for all they do. 

* Think of other things you can do to help your neighbors and make your community a better place.

* Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. We’re lucky to have paid pools and free swimming holes nearby. Just find the place that fits your budget and your idea of adventure:


* SLV Swimming Pool (SLV High School)

* SLV Swim Center (Ben Lomond)

* Siltanen Swimming Pool (Scotts Valley)


* Junction Park (Boulder Creek)

* Highland Park (Ben Lomond)

* The Fern River Resort (Felton) 

* The Garden of Eden (Felton)

Local libraries are a GREAT resource for things to do to keep cool! Check your library’s branch events to learn the latest on events and workshops coming to your local branch - and remember, they’re free!

And always check the Datebook section of the Press Banner for upcoming events that are family-friendly. There’s always something to do in our lovely communities.

Christina Wise is a writer, reporter, and community advocate who resides in Felton. She writes for the Press Banner on housing, education, arts and culture. Contact her at

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