Logan Ryan Wins Writers Contest

Photo contributed by Brianne Ryan

Ben Lomond writer Logan Ryan, age 8, took 2nd place at the Southern California PBS Writers Contest award ceremony in June. His 2nd grade teacher, Gabrielle Brick, told Logan about the contest, and he decided to enter in May. Logan’s mom Brianne Ryan said, “Logan's teacher and I are so proud he won second place out of hundreds of competitors.”

Logan wrote and illustrated a story titled, "The Golden Flower" about a boy going on adventure to find a magical flower to help his ailing Mother.

Students submitted 895 stories to PBS. Members of the community and PBS staff read and judged all stories. They selected 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners for each grade level.

“Storytelling is more important than it has ever been,” said Kyle Stokes, education reporter for public radio station KPCC, host of the awards ceremony at Mark Taper Auditorium in Los Angeles. “It’s our hope that programs like these will contribute to a healthier narrative in our community. One that encourages children to build literacy skills while promoting innovation and critical thinking from our future community leaders. One that builds trust and respect for each other. And one that allows us to celebrate our unique backgrounds and shared history.”

Congratulations Logan!

For more information about this contest and to Logan’s story online, visit

www.pbssocal.org/education/writers-contest/. Scroll down to see the contest winners.

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