Overall            League

                                                (W/L)              (W/L)

Boys’ Basketball

San Lorenzo Valley HS           14-4                 4-2

Scotts Valley HS                     7-9                   2-4

The highest scoring team in the Santa Cruz County Athletic League is the San Lorenzo Valley High School Cougars. Eyes are watching their game this season to see how the season ends. With the 4-2 league record, they are in 2nd place tied with Aptos High School and St. Francis High School. Santa Cruz High remains unbeaten. However, since all three title contenders have more games to play, we await the outcome. Anything can happen.

SVHS Falcons continue their improvement, working on transferring traditionally mostly-football excellence to basketball. Undoubtedly, Coach Charles Burks’ continuous effort to instill SCHS-like basketball culture is working.

Girls’ Basketball

San Lorenzo Valley HS           5-10                 1-5

Scotts Valley HS                     14-3                 6-0

SLVHS Cougars seem to be in a rebuilding year. With seven juniors and a sophomore at the team's core, they will make an undoubtedly awesome team next year.

SVHS Lady Falcons continue their dynasty. Unbeaten in SCCAL, they have three players in the league's ten highest scorers, with Nikiya Bechtle at the top with 18.13 PPG (points per game.)

Boys’ Soccer                         

San Lorenzo Valley HS           2-6-1               0-4-1

Scotts Valley HS                     7-2-1               2-1-1

SVHS Falcons are still a league title contender. After an unlucky 1-2 loss to hosts HHS last week, they tied 2-2 with AHS and still have a home game against HHS in mid-February. They also have one game in hand over other contenders, because of rain-cancellation of January 8th game vs. SFHS. Noah Bird and Eric Beraut are, respectively, 2nd and 8th highest scorers in the league.

SLVHS Cougars nosedived after a promising pre-season.

Girls’ Soccer

San Lorenzo Valley HS           4-8                   1-4      

Scotts Valley HS                     3-4-4               2-1-1

Both teams are mid-table in league play, but Lady Falcons are still title-contenders, with 2 games to play vs. second place SHS and one more game vs. the top AHS team.

Lady Cougars' striker, Jenna Francis, is the league's 5th highest scorer. Her thrilling drives, dribbling and speed should guarantee her a nice athletic scholarship from some Division 1 college.


San Lorenzo Valley HS

Scotts Valley HS

AHS dominates the SCCAL wrestling, with HHS in second place, SVHS in third and SLVHS in fifth. The next dual league meet is on Wednesday, January 27th, after our press time.

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