Felton will be getting a new library and community center.

Initial returns, with 70 percent of the ballots counted, had left a $67 million library bond measure clinging to a 2-point approval margin. The returns released this week showed that with more than 90 percent of the ballots counted, Measure S, the Library Bond measure, won approval with a majority vote of more than 69 percent of Santa Cruz County voters, topping the 67 percent required for passage.

The $67 million authorized to be raised by the bond sale will be spent according to the Santa Cruz County Library Facilities Master Plan. This master plan allocates $8.6 million to replace the Felton Library with a new library and community center next the post office on Gushee Street.

It also allocates up to $1.8 million for improvements to Boulder Creek Library, and up to $300,000 for improvements at the Scotts Valley Library. The plan also recommends spending up to $4.4 million to expand into an unused southern section of the existing building.

In Felton, the 123-year-old former Presbyterian Church cannot be upgraded to meet handicapped-access standards.

Final vote totals released this week showed that Measure Q, the Cabrillo College Technology, Job Training and Classroom Repair Measure, received a majority vote of 52 percent from Santa Cruz County voters, but fell short of the 55 percent required for passage.

The $310 million education bond would have funded 20 years’ worth of repairs and upgrades at the college. There were no new buildings or programs in the bond proposal.

“As a community-based College, Cabrillo relies upon the support and guidance of the community to be successful in our mission,” said Gary Reece, chair of the Cabrillo Board of Trustees.

“The community continues to support Cabrillo and its fine work, [but] this particular bond was not the one that a supermajority of voters could support. We have learned that in order to achieve a supermajority, we will need to evaluate the size, nature, and duration of a future bond.”

In addition to addressing urgent and basic repairs for many of Cabrillo’s 40-year-old buildings, the bond measure would have upgraded classroom technology, science labs and computer labs. It would also have improved electrical systems and wiring for computers and wireless Internet access to enable distance education and online learning, in addition to making water and energy conservation improvements.

Elections officials said this week that final canvassing of votes was continuing, with some auditing of polling places, and counting of more than 4,000 provisional ballots. State law gives local officials until July 5 to certify Presidential delegates, and July 7 for all other contests.

Here are final vote totals in Santa Cruz County from the June 7 primary, including precinct and mail-in ballots.

Total votes:

Precinct votes                   32,288                   22 percent

Mail/Absentee votes     26,590                   18 percent

Total turnout                     40 percent of registered voters

Democrat                                                            46 percent

Republican                                                          41 percent

Note:  7,708 of Democratic voters were “no party preference”

Bernie Sanders                 25, 171                  55 percent

Hillary Clinton                    20,105                   44 percent

Donald Trump                   5,883                     65 percent

John Kasich                         1,639                     18 percent

Republican Central Committee

Fifth District: Dave Hodgin, Tim Emaneulson, Wade Leishman, Cheri Brownfield, Lea Reed, Marsha Maffia

US Senate (Democratic primary)

Kamala Harris                     27,592                   52 percent

Loretta Sanchez                                6,344                     12 percent

House 18th District (Democratic primary)

Anna Eshoo                        9,121                     70 percent

Richard Fox                         2,949                     23 percent

State Senate 17th District (Democratic primary)

Bill Monning                       43,998                   81 percent

Palmer Kain                        10,315                   19 percent

Assembly 29th District (Democratic primary)        

Mark Stone                        38,253                   80 percent

Sierra Roberts                   9,564                     20 percent

Supervisor Fifth District

Bruce McPherson            8,726                     74 percent

Bill Smallman                      2,298                     19 percent

Measure Q Cabrillo (three counties)

Vote Failed to get 55 percent supermajority

Yes                                         28,889                   52 percent

No                                          26,844                   48 percent

(Includes 2,000 votes in portions of San Benito and Monterey counties.)                                                                              

Measure S Libraries

Vote received more than the 67 percent required supermajority.

Yes                                         36,125                   69 percent

No                                          15,879                   31 percent

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