New stickers will remind people they can report crimes and give tips to police without revealing their identity.

The stickers urge people to speak up if they see anything suspicious and list the three ways to make an anonymous report — by phone call, by text and online. They will go on Tracy Police Department vehicles in an effort spearheaded by the Tracy Crime Stoppers with the help of students from Kimball, Tracy and West high schools.

Lt. Kami Ysit said she hoped the stickers would lead to more tips.

“We encourage citizens to report crimes and give us information that promotes crime reduction which makes our community safer,” Ysit said. “We appreciate our partnership with Tracy Crime Stoppers and their help in allowing our community to report anonymous tips.”

Students helped place the first three stickers on patrol vehicles Tuesday, with plans to add them to most of the police fleet.

Briana Mendez, a junior at West High School, said the stickers let people know that witnesses to crimes have options.

“The idea of ‘See something, say something’ is basically for kids, adults or anyone really to report problems knowing they’ll have no repercussions, it’s anonymous and a safe place to go,” Mendez said.

Kimball High School junior Kritika Singh hoped the stickers would remind her fellow students to report problems at school.

“One of the big things we’re hoping when people see the bumper stickers on the police cars is that they will call in when they see people at school using drugs, for example, so we’re hoping that people will really have the chance to speak up and get it out to administrators,” she said.

Asiya Amani, a junior at Tracy High School, said the visibility of the stickers should help get the word out about anonymous tips.

“We have police cars all over our campuses and the students know that police are a safe way to go and get help, and by seeing those stickers it’s just an anonymous way to get help, and also throughout our community,” Amani said.

The stickers first went on display in December when members of the Junior Bulldog Project at Jefferson School placed them inside Jefferson School District buses in an effort to fight bullying at schools.

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