The annual Tracy Chamber of Commerce golf tournament is back on at the Tracy Golf and Country Club.

On April 9, the executive director of the chamber, Tamra Spade, called Dr. Robert Williams, the president of the club’s board of directors, to reverse a decision made in February.

“It is back. We decided after long conversations and we felt it was the right thing to do considering the situation that they’re in,” Spade said in an interview Thursday, the same day the club sent an email to members announcing the move.

Spade said in March that the chamber board had decided to move the fundraising tournament this year to Spring Creek Country Club in Ripon because members wanted to try a new venue. She said she was unaware of a verbal commitment to the Tracy Golf and Country Club, made last year after the tournament, to hold the event there again this year.

“It was kind of sad the way it all went down and I think a lot of it was just the timing,” she said, referring to her joining the chamber weeks before the decision. “The transition with employees and communication that nobody really realized.”

Williams, who in March said the country club at Chrisman Road and Interstate 580 was “struggling” to make money, was happy for the change.

“For whatever reason they decided to change it back, and we are greatly appreciative of that,” he said Monday. “Obviously we felt good. That was a lot of business we were going to lose as well as the advertisements and everything else. We appreciate it, yeah.”

Williams said in March that, though the country club’s leaders were talking with developers about exposing new residents to the course, memberships were down to about 80, so they depended upon events and walk-on golfers to make ends meet. He added that the public response to the March 22 Tracy Press story about the move might make things better for both the chamber and the club.

“A lot more people were concerned than I thought,” he said Monday. “I was just looking at the community and what was good for the club and keeping it operations and stuff. I think it got into more of the details of: What is the purpose of the chamber? What are they doing? How are they promoting Tracy? A lot of that came out and maybe, overall, it was a good thing.”

Spade said that in addition to the July 29 chamber tournament, the business association remains committed to helping the country club thrive by helping it host music concerts to draw people out to the greens and fairways next to I-580.

“Obviously the chamber is there to support members and it seemed like they needed our support,” she said. “We absolutely believe that the Tracy chamber is there to shop local, support all members — that our first priority is to take care of Tracy.”

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