Mountain House High stadium

The Mountain House High football team practices in the sschool's stadium in 2014.

MOUNTAIN HOUSE — As high school football season begins today, Lammersville Unified School District is still looking for approval from the local government to clean Mountain House High School’s artificial turf with hundreds of gallons of water.

The delay in the watering is due to the state’s ongoing drought and the community’s irrigation restrictions, according to James Nolan, director of maintenance operations and transportation, who serves on the LUSD Facilities Use Committee.

Nolan told the other members of the committee at their regular meeting Monday that he was working with the Mountain House Community Services District to make it clear that watering the turf is necessary.

He said the district was restricted to certain days and times when it could irrigate landscaping. To do the job within the allowed window from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m., the district would have to turn on the stadium lights, and he wanted to avoid that.

Mountain House High Principal Ben Fobert stressed that the watering was necessary to comply with the turf’s warranty conditions.

“If we don’t water it on a regular basis, we void our warranty on a million-dollar turf,” Fobert said. “I think the last time we watered it was last football season.”

Nolan explained that water cannons would be used to throw hundreds of gallons of water halfway across the field with the force of a fire hose. He said the district didn’t want the public to think it was wasting water if that was done during the daytime.

Committee member Shane Nielson suggested getting water from an outside source and trucking it into the stadium. Fobert said they couldn’t allow any vehicles onto the turf.

The committee agreed that the process must be done, and Nolan said he would continue to work with the CSD to coordinate it. After the meeting, he said he didn’t yet have a date scheduled for the watering.

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