A new plan is emerging for what was once known as the Tracy Gateway Business Park.

The original plans for the Westside Specific Plan called for a high-rise office park on 535 acres on the south side of 11th Street just west of Lammers Road.

Instead of office buildings surrounding a golf course, a revised plan calls for a new Sutter Tracy Community Hospital acute care campus and surgery center to be the centerpiece of the development, with medical offices and other health-care related businesses in the area along Lammers Road, across from Kimball High School. Sutter Tracy has been involved in the Gateway project in one form or another since 2006.

More land is set aside at the western end for institutional development, most likely a public or private university that could have student housing and athletic facilities in addition to classroom and administration buildings.

Those institutional uses — the hospital and college campus — total 123 acres.

Most of the northern part along 11th Street will be for mixed-use commercial development, and the central part of the area, 181 acres, will be for senior and assisted-living development.

The southern part of the area, 58 acres, will be developed as medium-density housing.

The project will be described in detail in a new environmental impact report for the Westside Specific Plan. The new report is required by state law as a first step in developing the area. It will be the second one for the land, with the original report for Tracy Gateway dating back to 2002.

An environmental impact report describes how a development will fit into the area. It looks at effects on plant and animal life, cultural resources, agriculture, air and water quality, and traffic. It also describes how many new homes, businesses and jobs are expected to be added through the projects within the specific plan.

The report will recommend actions that the city or the developers must take to compensate for any negative effects the project could have. Part of the process is to invite the public to comment, and local, state and federal agencies as well as environmental groups typically weigh in on problems they think the new development might create.

The state requires the city to have a “notice of preparation” period, when the city will collect comments on the suggested scope of the environmental impact report, including recommendations on what particular issues need to be studied. That period continues until Dec. 9. Comments can be sent to Alan Bell, Senior Planner, City of Tracy, Development Services Department, 333 Civic Center Plaza, Tracy, CA 95376.

The city will also host an open meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 4, in the council chambers at Tracy City Hall, 333 Civic Center Plaza.

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