This summer, pedestrians will get a new path to walk at Dr. Powers Park along Lowell Avenue.

A $350,000 project that began Monday will add 8,000 square feet of sidewalk between Tracy Boulevard and Chester Drive on the north edge of the park, passing near the three tennis courts and Joe Wilson Pool.

The sidewalk construction was scheduled during Tracy Unified School District’s summer break to have the least impact on schools in the area, including Monte Vista Middle School across the street. Construction is supposed to end before the first day of school, Aug. 6.

Sidewalks already extend along the Tracy Boulevard and Chester Drive sides of the park and on a 180-foot stretch of Lowell from Tracy Boulevard to the walkway to the tennis courts.

The paving project fills in a gap about 1,180 feet long where people had to choose whether to walk on the grass or in the street. Concrete curbs and gutters and ramps that conform to the Americans with Disabilities Act will be added, along with earthwork, landscaping and irrigation pipes. The new sidewalk will be connected to existing walkways through the park.

Senior Civil Engineer Paul Verma said several streetlights along the edge of the park would remain where they are with the sidewalk “meandering” around the poles.

One lane of eastbound Lowell Avenue next to the park will be closed as needed for construction crews.

Verma said that people going to Joe Wilson Pool, which will be unaffected by the construction, should be aware that parking will be limited along Lowell Avenue near the pool, but the parking lot and both entrances will remain open. A small section of the parking lot may be fenced off for construction equipment, but people can also park along Chester Drive.

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