Police and firefighters received a report at 6:01 a.m. Dec. 19 regarding a car that was fully engulfed in flames at the Altamont Corridor Express station, 4800 S. Tracy Blvd. The owner of the car was at the train station and said the car had a mechanical issue.

Tracy police received 1,348 calls for service from Dec. 19 through Wednesday. The following is a sampling of those calls as they were documented in real time.


2:28 a.m.: A person on the 2400 block of Angora Court called the police and said two people jumped over the fence from the yard next door after she and her husband asked them to turn down the music at their party next door. The people went back to their own yard and it was quiet awhile but then the music started again. Police received several calls from other locations early in the morning of loud parties and music.

5:09 a.m.: A worker at Fresh Donuts, 1274 W. 11th St., said a man who had been known to steal was refusing to leave the bakery, and he was stumbling and seemed intoxicated. The store wanted him removed and warned against trespassing. Police found the man outside in the parking lot and said he wasn’t drunk.

11:36 a.m.: A woman was reportedly throwing things and making trouble with a clerk at Nor Cal Liquors, 1162 N. Tracy Blvd. Officers stopped her near Tracy Boulevard and arrested her on suspicion of assault and malicious mischief.

4:38 p.m.: A man walking his dog near Aspire Apartments, 2725 Pavilion Parkway, said he saw a man trying to scale the wall around the complex. The dog walker said he had never seen the other man in the area before, and when he asked what he was doing, he just said he was climbing the wall. Police looked for the man but didn’t find him.

4:51 p.m.: A caller wanted the police to check the area around the 600 block of North Hickory Avenue for four kids who had been trying to open mailboxes.

6:27 p.m.: A man in the 100 block of East Eighth Street said he noticed someone was squatting in a detached apartment in his backyard. The man told the police he found a trunk in his backyard and a ton of things, including pill bottles. He took a firearm and searched the apartment and then called the police. Police learned that some of the items were marked with a name and address from a nearby home. When they checked, they learned that the owner had thrown the things away and someone had apparently taken them from a trash bin. The homeowner planned to remove the rest of the squatter’s belongings, and he wanted extra police patrols in the area.


4:08 a.m.: A security guard at a construction site on the 2600 block of Henley Park caught a man inside a gated area carrying wood and other equipment. The guard told the police the man was trying to hide at the end of the construction area and he was trying to find him.

11:12 a.m.: A caller said a heavyset man was climbing in through the kitchen window of an unoccupied house on the 4100 block of Memoir Avenue. The caller said the man used a screwdriver to pop a window screen out and then replaced it when he was inside. Police talked to the man and the homeowner and found that he was a handyman authorized to be inside the house making repairs.

1:30 p.m.: A caller from Target, 2800 Naglee Road, said three teenagers had been throwing “stink bombs” inside the store over the past three days. The caller said the teens ran through the store and headed into the West Valley Mall. They were last seen heading into Macy’s, at the far end of the mall, and the caller said they smelled like the stink bombs they threw. Mall security asked the police to watch for them and call if they found them.

4:15 p.m.: A person at the West Valley Mall, 3200 Naglee Road, reported that two men ran out of the Fresh N Fitted store with two coats priced at $300 and $150. The business didn’t know who had taken the coats, and no report was taken.

7:05 p.m.: Police were called to the Tracy Transit Station, 50 E. Sixth St., where a homeless man was growing belligerent and would not leave even though the building was closed. The man reportedly shouted profanity at one of the employees. Police talked to the man in the lobby.

7:55 p.m.: A caller heard three loud explosions behind the 2900 block of Kennsington Lane. Police notified the fire department and later learned that the explosions were aerial fireworks.

8:02 p.m.: A man holding a bottle was seen dancing in the middle of the street next to Talley Park, 1440 Dove Drive. A caller thought he might be intoxicated. Police checked on the man and found he was drinking apple cider and let him carry on.


12:20 a.m.: Tracy police received 15 alarm calls from Tracy Unified School District campuses between midnight and 2 a.m. Most of the calls were canceled shortly after they were sent, and none appeared to involve anyone actually breaking into a building.

1 p.m.: A caller said they were unloading cigarettes from a car to go into the Byron Market, 2650 Byron Road, when someone broke into the car and stole two of the boxes. The caller didn’t have any idea who stole the cigarettes or whether the theft was caught on a video camera.

7:03 p.m.: A guest at the Fairfield Inn, 2410 Naglee Road, said someone broke into his black Honda Element and stole a bag. He planned to file an online report.

7:19 p.m.: Police were called to the West Valley Mall, 3200 Naglee Road for a report of two men wearing red beating another man near Sears. The caller said the two men were hitting the other man while he was unconscious. The two men ran away toward Corral Hollow Road. Mall security and police talked to the victim, who refused an ambulance and didn’t want anything done about the fight.

8:25 p.m.: Someone flagged down the police at the mall to tell them about five cars racing near Target, 2800 Naglee Road. A second person called to report the same thing. Police at the scene said there were about 20 cars involved in the racing. Officers in the area were alerted to the racers at the mall.


12:21 a.m.: A resident on the 1900 block of Lone Fox Court reported hearing about a half-dozen gunshots coming from the area of Hunters Trail. The caller said it had been going on for about 45 minutes. An officer learned that a resident down the street was setting off New Year’s poppers. They promised to stop.

4:26 a.m.: A man delivering newspapers said someone pointed a gun at him at McDonald Park, 55 N. Central Ave. The caller said there were 10 people at the park throwing up gang signs and one of them pulled a handgun from their waistband and pointed it at him. He said they were drinking and had bottles of Hennessy with them, and he had his baby with him so he left the area and went back to Manteca. Police checked on a group of nine people on C Street and let them go after a search turned up no weapons.

11:37 a.m.: Someone stole about $300 worth of pellet guns from Walmart, 3010 W. Grant Line Road. Employees at Walmart said a man with two teens took the pellet guns and went to a car with a waiting getaway driver, and it might have been the same group from a previous theft. The employees were checking a video and making a copy for officers and said the store would press charges if they found the shoplifters.

6:29 p.m.: A resident at the Granville Apartments, 950 W. Grant Line Road, said a white Toyota Corolla had been stolen from the complex. The car had both license plates on it and a decal on the driver’s side window.

9:22 p.m.: A police officer caught two cars racing on Grant Line Road heading toward Orchard Parkway. Both cars stopped at Orchard Parkway near the Kaiser medical clinic. Police arrested both drivers for the speed contest and towed their cars, a red Ford Focus and black BMW 740.


2:35 a.m.: A man flying a drone on the 700 block of Palm Circle was punched in the face by a neighbor. The fight happened near the back of the property, and the man said he chose to fly his drone at night so he wouldn’t have any interruptions. The neighbor told the police that the drone pilot started the fight. Neither man wanted to press charges.

10:39 a.m.: An employee at Bed Bath & Beyond, 2886 W. Grant Line Road, reported that someone, possibly a homeless person, had set a trash bin on fire Dec. 19, causing damage to the building’s roof. The fire department did respond but did not suspect arson.

3:48 p.m.: A caller said a man wearing a gray hoodie and a backpack was looking into vehicles around Beverly Place and Harding Avenue. The man was also allegedly going through mailboxes on Harding Avenue, sorting through the mail and putting pieces into his backpack. 

7:21 p.m.: An older man at Denny’s, 3718 N. Tracy Blvd., yelled at a woman’s 6-year-old child for not flushing the toilet and then followed them to her father’s car and hit it. The woman said the man kept reaching into his pants as if he had a weapon, so the woman drove away. She said there was no damage to the car as the man just kicked the tires. Police checked the area and couldn’t find the man, but police received a call a short time later about a man exposing himself to a child in the same area.


12:43 a.m.: A police officer checking an alarm at Vintage Spirits, 2300 East St., said a window at the store might have beet shot with a BB gun. Police called the owner, who sent someone to check whether the broken window was new damage.

1:32 a.m.: Six men were reportedly brawling inside Leia’s, 2706 Pavilion Parkway. The caller said there was glass all over the bar and the men had moved the fight outside. The caller said there were too many people in the fight to get any details on them and that it was “chaos.” An ambulance was told to wait nearby, and when police arrived, the fight had broken up and cars were leaving the parking lot.

4:03 p.m.: A woman said her young daughter and her friend had been approached aggressively by a heavyset man in his 30s while they were walking to school. The woman said the man asked the girls if they had a problem with him and accused them of cursing at him. The woman talked to the school and said they wouldn’t give her much information but she thought they knew who the man was. She was upset that a man would be so aggressive with a fifth grader and wanted to speak to an officer.

6:33 p.m.: A transient allegedly stole a bottle of Gatorade and some yogurt from Menchie's, 1888 W. 11th St. He man left and was sleeping in front of a nearby check cashing store. The caller managed to get the items back and wanted the man given a trespassing warning. Officers told him not to return to the shop.

9:21 p.m.: A worker at West Valley Bowl, 2365 East St., said an intoxicated man was refusing to leave in the parking lot. A friend was trying to get him into a car and keep him away from the business, but he kept trying to go inside. Police arrived and eventually arrested the man on a warrant.

Dec. 19

12:28 a.m.: A caller said a woman was walking back and forth in the middle of Grant Line Road near Corral Hollow Road, kicking and screaming at passing vehicles. A police officer found the woman walking slowly on the road, and the woman’s brother arrived to take care of her.

5:18 p.m.: Someone told the police that people were taking things from a house on the 1400 block of Montauban Street and putting them into an older model Ford or Nissan with tinted windows. The caller tried to follow the car, but it allegedly ran stoplights and stop signs and got away.

9:04 a.m.: A caller reported two men running out of a home on the 1500 block of Chester Drive while a woman was screaming and things were breaking inside. The two men got into a blue Scion and left the area. The caller said the garage door was open and the living room windows appeared to be broken. Police checked the house and found a man who said he had permission from the property owner to be there. Officers also checked the rest of the house and three sheds in the backyard. Police called the code enforcement division to check on the condition of the house.

12:54 p.m.: A woman on the 100 block of Redwood Avenue said someone took a check out of her mailbox and wrote their name on it and cashed it. The check was originally made out to Pacific Gas & Electric Co. 

6:42 p.m.: Police received multiple calls about a man, possibly intoxicated, driving a small SUV slowly and weaving in and out of his lane into oncoming traffic. The car was first seen on MacArthur Drive and traveled all the way to Bessie Avenue near 20th Street. Police finally stopped the car and found the driver armed with a pistol that was reported as stolen out of Stockton a few years ago. Police arrested the man on suspicion of drunken driving and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

9:07 p.m.: A man and two women were inside Ross, 2483 Naglee Road, reportedly stealing clothes. The man was carrying a backpack that they were allegedly stuffing full of clothes. When the store’s security confronted the group, the man threatened violence. The man and one woman left the store, and an officer stopped the woman near Pet Smart. One woman had a warrant for burglary charges, drug paraphernalia and failure to appear in court. She was cited and released.

This column includes a sample of items as reported in the Tracy Police Department dispatcher’s daily log. Additional information is based on reports from officers and other law enforcement agencies. Charges may have been added or dropped as of press time, and all suspects are assumed innocent until proven guilty. To report information anonymously about a crime: Crime Stoppers, 831-6847

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