The Tracy Unified School District board of education confirmed Tuesday that the district would release its director of special education, Christopher Crone.

The board made the decision on a 6-1 vote in closed session, with board member Ameni Alexander dissenting.

At the board’s Sept. 24 meeting, Crone and his supporters urged the board to reverse Superintendent Brian Stephens’ decision to release Crone after 10 months on the job. Stephens said at the time that he could not discuss the issue, which is consistent with state law exempting personnel matters from public disclosure.

TUSD gets pushback on release of special education director

Some of Crone’s supporters returned on Tuesday to ask the board to reconsider, but that was after the board took its closed-session vote and board president Steve Abercrombie announced the result.

At the end of the meeting, when board members had a chance to say whatever was on their minds, Alexander spoke up about the closed-session vote.

“I’m very disappointed with the board,” he said, but did not comment further in the public session.

Alexander confirmed after the meeting that he was the dissenting board member on the vote to release Crone. He went on to say that he was concerned that Crone’s release undermined the stability and continuity of the district’s programs.

“If you want continuity in a school system, you have to give a person a chance to correct whatever they’re doing wrong,” Alexander said.

He added that he didn’t mind breaking protocol — elected officials typically do not discuss personnel matters outside of closed session — in order to express a sentiment that the public expressed to him.

“Somebody has to be the one to speak out and say something,” Alexander said.

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