Anthony Kreiter-Rhoads, the Tracy man accused of killing Parmjit Singh of Tracy the night of Aug. 25 in Gretchen Talley Park, appeared for his first court hearing Wednesday in Stockton.

Deputy District Attorney Ted McGarvey said that Kreiter-Rhoads faces a charge of murder with an enhancement for use of a deadly weapon, in this case a knife, to commit the crime. McGarvey noted that while Kreiter-Rhoads said “not guilty” when presented with the charges, he was not able to enter a formal plea because he was not represented by an attorney at the time.

Kreiter-Rhoads, 21, was assigned a court-appointed attorney Wednesday, and the case is scheduled for further arraignment on Sept. 16, when he could enter his formal plea.

The hearing before Judge Ronald Northrup lasted only a few minutes. Tracy Police Department detectives took Singh’s family into the courtroom first, and then a crowd of more than 40 people, including those there for other cases, tried to enter before bailiffs declared the courtroom full and turned most of the crowd away, including Kreiter-Rhoads’ family members.

About 20 or more people in the crowd were family members, friends and former classmates of the defendant, who graduated from West High School in 2016. Kreiter-Rhoads played football and competed in track and field at West, and one of his classmates said he also took advanced mathematics and studied in West’s Space and Engineering Academy.

“We just want to know the truth, what really happened,” the classmate said.

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