Tracy High graduate Matt Overton joined the Los Angeles Chargers last week but didn’t get a chance to play before the team released him.

Overton, Tracy High class of 2003, has played in the NFL for eight years, most recently as the long-snapper for the Jacksonville Jaguars for the past two seasons. The Jaguars released him in September.

On Friday, the Los Angeles Chargers announced that they had signed Overton to replace Cortez Broughton, who had been missing games because of an illness. Three days later, the Chargers announced that Overton was being waived in favor of Spencer Drango, who the team has moved up from the Chargers’ practice squad.

Overton maintained his positive outlook after getting the news Monday. He had expected to suit up for Monday’s game in Mexico City against the Kansas City Chiefs, replacing long-snapper Cole Mazza, who was ill, but Mazza ended up playing in the Chargers’ 24-17 loss that day.

In a Facebook post, Overton thanked the Chargers for bringing him onto the team, even if it was just for a couple of days.

“I had a great workout Friday morning in front of coaches and staff and was signed just in case Cole wasn’t able to snap on Monday,” Overton wrote. “This was a great opportunity for many reasons. It has been great to work with a different team, specialists and keep my name relevant in the league.”

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