The Tracy Tritons sent three of their top swimmers to the 19th annual Sacramento Valley Meet of Champions on Saturday and Sunday at the Roseville Aquatics Complex.

The Tritons swimmers finished strong enough in their events to give their team a 25th-place finish (178 points) out of 48 teams. The top team at the meet was the Elk Grove Pirahnas (2,019).

The Tritons’ top swimmer was Brielle Mullikin, 10, who finished in the top 10 in all six of her events, including second place in both the 9-10 girls 25-yard backstroke (16.15 seconds) and the 25 breaststroke (17.09) and third place in the 100 individual medley (1 minute, 16.91 seconds).

Her teammate Amandataylor Morelos, 10, competed in the same division and had her best performance in the 100 individual medley, where she placed seventh (1:18.47).

Lela Ziller, 14, competed in five events, with her best finish in the 50 butterfly (sixth place, 28.41).

The Tritons also announced their top swimmers by age division in terms of points scored for the team through the season.

For the boys, they were Rowen Vanderlipe (6U), Joseph Rodriguez (7-8), Jaden Abris (9-10), Preston Wiedner (11-12), Justin Chitnis (13-14), Gabriel Chandler (15-16) and Ryan Topping (17-18).

For the girls, they were Alexis Gonzales (6U), Giuliana Dennard (7-8), Brielle Mullikin (9-10), Joelle Abris (11-12), Charlotte Haramis (13-14), Natalie Quan (15-16) and Megan Gee (17-18).

Sacramento Valley Meet of Champions

Saturday and Sunday, Roseville Aquatics Complex

9-10 girls

100 individual medley—3, Brielle Mullikin, 1:16.91. 7, Amandataylor Morelos, 1:18.47.

25 freestyle—9, Brielle Mullikin, 13.92. 10, Amandataylor Morelos, 14.19.

25 backstroke—2, Brielle Mullikin, 16.15. 8, Amandataylor Morelos, 17.25.

50 freestyle—4, Brielle Mullikin, 29.78. 8, Amandataylor Morelos, 30.45.

25 breaststroke—2, Brielle Mullikin, 17.09. 14, Amandataylor Morelos, 19.06.

25 butterfly—8, Amandataylor Morelos, 15.04. 10, Brielle Mullikin, 15.19.

13-14 girls

100 individual medley—18, Lela Ziller, 1:09.05.

50 freestyle—11, Lela Ziller, 26.58.

50 backstroke—6, Lela Ziller, 30.59.

50 breaststroke—9, Lela Ziller, 34.67.

50 butterfly—5, Lela Ziller, 28.41.

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