Varsity girls: Lincoln 10, Tracy 4

Tracy hosted Lincoln High on Sept. 19 at West High, with Lincoln taking the 10-4 win.

Tracy played Lincoln to a 2-2 tie in the first quarter as junior Samantha Dorn and senior McKenna Bowman scored for Tracy, but Lincoln pulled ahead for a 4-2 lead at the half. Senior Samantha Lieberg and junior Kaela Jones both scored for Tracy in the second half.

Lincoln kept up the offensive pressure, but senior center defender Ashlyn Buckley and senior goalie Ariana Graziano responded well, with Graziano making more than 10 saves for the day.

Varsity boys: Lincoln 19, Tracy 3

The Lincoln boys shut out Tracy in the first quarter and allowed only one goal in the second quarter to take a 12-1 lead at the half. Lincoln went on to outscore Tracy in the second half as well, claiming the 19-3 win.

Seniors Landon Marks, Brenden Terry and Caden Fry scored Tracy’s goals.

Varsity girls: Beyer 13, Mountain House 2

The Beyer team kept up the offensive pressure Sept. 19 at Mountain House High. Even under constant attack, junior goalie Gabriela Cuellar made 16 saves for the Mustangs.

Junior Shambhavi Sisodiya scored an early goal for Mountain House, and senior Parinita Jithendra fired in another goal with 5 seconds left in the game.

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