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Hello. Last week, I had a family member who had a public medical emergency here in Tracy. But I don’t want to tell you how scary it was, I want to talk with you about how grateful I am that it happened here in my hometown.

The first hint to the character of this town came from a passing motorist who stopped her drive to pull over and ask if there was anything she could do. Next, Ken Cefalo, owner of Main Street Music on 10th Street, stopped what he was doing to help keep my family member calm. Ken talked them through the entire emergency.

Two Tracy police officers showed up next: Officer Mario Ysit, whom I have had the great pleasure to ride with twice before, and Officer Ernie Ferraro. Both of these officers approached my family member with such care and compassion. They helped them feel that everything was going to be OK.

Since all of this unfolded, and people discovered that this person was a member of my family, I have had nothing but inquiries about their wellbeing and firm requests that if our family should need anything, I should notify them immediately.

This is the Tracy I know. These are the people who populate our city.

In my time as editor of our paper, I have often dealt with people who are selfish, manipulative, self-aggrandizing and downright mean. These people can often make it seem like they are the only type of person who lives here. But even confronted by the worst elements of our community, I have never forgotten who Tracy really is.

In this week’s paper you will read that I have resigned and am moving on, but these caring, compassionate, love-filled people whom I have tried to serve these last six years have helped make every day a joy.

That is the Tracy I know. They are our neighbors, shop owners, officers and educators. They make Tracy a place to be proud of.

Contact Michael Ellis Langley for one more week only at or 830-4231.

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Moving on?? That's the worst news you've ever published!![crying]

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