Well, since I was name-checked, among others, by a fact-challenged Trumper, I’ll do my best to answer her “Question.”

Report reveals corruption — Elizabeth Best

I’m proud of my vote for Clinton, as I was for my votes for the last real human being to hold the office of President. The current occupant has been shown to be a profligate liar, a heartless, self-promoting, racist … and a stupid, unrepentant vulgarian. The problem with his followers is, because of their unyielding hatred for Democrats and for many, their blind belief in pseudo-religious claptrap, they believe lies about Clinton but cannot believe the truth about Trump.

One cause of this is “Confirmation Bias,” which almost everyone suffers from, and is one sign of malignant “Tribalism.” Knowing this, a sensible person will try to discover the truth by using several sources for their news (there are many to choose from) and comparing sources. Even Fox News is starting to point out areas where he is going completely off the rails, and so he is starting to tell his Orc Minions not to listen to those who are “off the reservation.”

The right-wing lie machine is alive and well on the internet and is well represented by Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller. If you use my “more is better” method of gathering your information, you will realize, quickly, that their main purpose is to denigrate the enemy and tout their dear leader.

The people who support sending dying children out of the country, something that NO Democrat would ever do, are the problem. The complete destruction of the environment under industry lobbyists … not a word from Ms. Best. Deregulation, selling the Public lands for profit, increasing the Debt … by Trillions while giving tax breaks to his people. There is lots more but 300 words are not enough.

Arthur Caya, Tracy

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