It is amazing how out of touch Rep. Josh Harder is with the American people and 10th District residents on abortion, among many issues.

According to a January 2017 Marist (Institute for Public Opinion) Poll, 74 percent of Americans want abortion restricted to the first trimester and 61 percent oppose the use of tax dollars to fund abortions.

But Harder, at a Sept. 6, 2017, “Our Revolution” meeting, said he believes abortion should be legal up until the moment of birth with “no exceptions” and that U.S. taxpayers should pay for them.

Since he got into office, we have now learned the gruesome and inhumane truth that Harder, in effect, also supports the practice of infanticide.

As documented in the 281-page, Jan. 14, 2011, First Judicial District of Pennsylvania Grand Jury report, we have learned that abortionists who deliver a newborn infant as part of an abortion can and sometimes do murder the baby. This report was for the case of the notorious Kermit Gosnell.

There is legislation (the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Act) that would stop this practice, but San Francisco leftist House Speaker Nancy Pelosi won’t allow the bill to be considered by the House.

To date, Harder has refused to sign the House discharge petition to force a vote on this bill — so, in effect, he supports the gruesome practice of allowing abortionists to kill babies AFTER THEY ARE BORN.

Here’s the question: Rep. Harder, what’s in it for you and the abortion industry (other than selling parts of babies’ bodies) to allow this practice? I would suggest you sign the House discharge petition and do the right thing. These babies should be placed up for adoption instead of being murdered. Harder needs to leave the Democratic Party abortion plantation.

I wonder who among Harder’s supporters will defend this atrocity.

Dave Kerst, Tracy

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