Thank God for freedom of speech. We can express our views or opinions. Of course, we must be mindful of what we say about each other. No lies, just the truth. Or we could be faced with defamation of character — even slander. That said:

First, I am not a golfer. I did play lots of baseball in my day. I do think Tracy golf course took a loss with us not holding the tournament here instead of Ripon. I refer all the time to how much nicer Tracy used to be compared to now. But when it comes to support, I am for Tracy every time. This subject has already been covered, but we had a chance for people to see how very nice Tracy’s course is. They won’t get to see all we have to offer at our place.

Second, has anyone but me wondered why the city staff seem to make all the big money and the five City Council members get almost nothing? After all, those five people decide our city’s fate. Yes, I know they run for office. It’s not for money. Maybe for power and glory — but not the big bucks. Really doesn’t seem fair. The staff seems to pressure them to bring more and more things here, and I think some of the council would like to have more quality of life with less traffic and cleaner air. That is why we must be careful of who we put in office. Their votes run Tracy. They have a heavy load and at times are very weary from all the meetings and long hours.

Arleen Robbins, Tracy

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