I have been a resident of Tracy since 1999. I am a veteran, a musician and a songwriter, who has composed a special song to promote a simple philosophy: the beauty of America.

The song is called “America Begins (I Don’t Know Where Heaven Ends, and America Begins)”. It is intended to remind people of America’s beauty that we may often take for granted in America. This beauty not only includes organic ones, but also those intangibles — freedom, choice and expression. In this country, it is a thing of beauty of just being able to walk around in the open without bombs exploding or exchange of gunfire on a daily basis, unlike war-torn third-world countries. With the unfortunate notoriety of epidemic mass shootings, this is my way of countering the ugliness that is fast tainting this once-balanced country. Sure, America has its share of violence, but unless you have lived in a war-torn, third-world country, one will lack comparators. This is not a political or religious platform — quite the opposite.

In summary, “America Begins” is a vehicle to promote the beauty of America, Americans and the good ideology. Simply put: America’s beautiful side. You can be the driver for this vehicle.

Thanks! I love Tracy!

Jeff Perez, Tracy

P.S. Here is the song that I would like to share.


Americans are beautiful

In every shape and form

They come from every place on Earth

They come from every shore


When the sun wakes up the bayou

There are a million stars on the water

Lakes so clear, the sky so near

Looks like they mirror each other


America is beautiful

Every blade of grass

From the mountains to the sunsets

Rivers look like glass


America is beautiful

God blessed

I don’t know where heaven ends,

And America begins!

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