Nov. 8: “Council surprised by new water park price tag.”

Well, for this Tracy taxpayer, I am shocked and appalled that we have come to this.

Tracy Press, Dec. 29, 2017: “The idea of a swim center first came from Surland in 2006. August 15, 2017, the City Council approved Surland’s designs for a $41.5 million aquatics center, including an indoor pool, an outdoor competition pool, water slides, a fitness center, picnic areas, a rock climbing wall, a splash playground for young children and other amenities. ‘This is a communitywide aquatic park for the entire community,’ said Les Serpa, founder of Surland.”

Escalating cost is akin to the bullet train. Also there is a quid pro quo that seems selfish. Swim club advocates canvassed the city in support of Measure V which increased my and your sales tax.

Swimoutlet.com: “Swimming’s governing body — Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA), which translates to ‘International Swimming Federation’ — has a series of guidelines that describe pools acceptable for competition. It’s rare that a pool meets every one of these standards, but there are some important aspects that should remain consistent in a good lap swimming facility. Short Course & Long Course There are two regulation pool sizes that exist in the world of competitive swimming. They are: Short course pools: More common at public swimming locations or high schools. Long course pools: Normally found on college campuses or higher-end swimming facilities. Although metric and non-metric pool lengths are used in USA Swimming competitions, FINA only accepts international records swum in long course pools.” 

What this means to me is that a 25-meter pool falls under the above guidelines, anything more should be done in the private sector. Fiduciary responsibility of $130,000,000 does not compute.

Michael Gonzalez, Tracy

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As a former AAU, USS, high school, collegiate swimmer and coach, a 25 meter competition pool is unacceptable. Minimum size for a 25 yard pool should be 8 lanes and even that is too small as competitors need a place to warm up and cool down. 10 to 12 lanes preferable or an added dog leg. A second pool in addition to the 25 yard pool for that would be ok. An Olympic size pool 25 yard by 50 meter would accommodate both swim seasons and water polo allowing for short and long course seasons. If you are going to cutback on anything, cut back on the frills. No need for both lazy river and water slides. Pick one or the other or scale them back some. Important for both competition and rec is shade! Both trees and man made shades are vital. my mother used to run the city of Pleasanton Aquatics program, then at University of Arizona and City of Henderson Nevada where she oversaw the building of the Whitney Ranch Facility. I have grown up around aquatics my whole life including now with my children whom have all been involved in water polo here in Tracy and my daughter in her senior year playing at Cal State East Bay. I had hoped we would have had this done when talks started 2 decades ago. My kids are all grown up now. I hope we can get this done and done right, for the next generation.

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