Donald Trump resorted back to his N.Y. boardroom-style hustle during the last weekend’s G-7 summit meeting in the southwest of France. Instead we have to accept the pain and not buy goods from China. I wonder if that includes daughter Ivanka’s made-in-China line of women’s clothing?

Still, ringing more like a Miami chamber of commerce endorsement, Trump went on to pitch his Doral resort to host next year’s summit meeting. Where “each country could have their own villa or their own bungalow.” Ignoring flirting with emoluments violations, Trump promoted a golf course known for losing money and hiring illegal workers, reaffirming the idea that he’s not making any money as president.

Curiously, Trump harkened back to a time when he knew Americans building apartments and housing becoming rich while working in Iran. When was this? During the 1970s before the deposing of the shah? Even more bizarre as a climate change denier his next stroke of business genius is to drop an atomic bomb inside a hurricane.

This sounds more like a bad 1950s black-and-white sci-fi movie with a catastrophic ending. Not only did he not show up for the climate symposium portion, senior aides claim he really didn’t want to attend the G-7 summit meeting at all.

But of course it wouldn’t be complete when Trump can’t stop talking about Russia. As a G-7 plus one or a G-8 saying he’d rather “have Russia inside the tent than outside.” One has to ask. In reality — does he know they’re already here?

Kurt L. Vosburg, Tracy

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