I would like to take a moment to thank Elizabeth Best for enlightening me and others she referenced in her letter of Aug. 30, “Report reveals corruption.”

Report reveals corruption — Elizabeth Best

You must be the smartest person in the room, maybe all of Tracy, and possibly second only to Trump himself who knows more than anybody about “many, many things.”

Only an incredibly talented person has the ability to tell others that they are wrong without providing any substantive facts. Of course, if you believe that right-wing media that has been proven to be grossly inaccurate, biased, and full of exaggerated propaganda is a credible source, then that explains quite a bit.

I never said anything about Obama, or voting for Hillary, but you do a magnificent job with the only true Trump defense and the ancient philosophy of “Whataboutism.” What about Obama? What about Hillary? What about Bill Clinton?

It’s comforting to see you go to that well so often in other letters to the editor, including “Criticism smacks of hypocrisy” from July 26 and “Border crisis is real” from February.

Criticism smacks of hypocrisy — Elizabeth Best
Border crisis is real — Elizabeth Best

Given Trump’s self-proclamation as the chosen one is all the evidence anyone needs to defend him and his deity. It’s great to learn that God chose a disgusting cheater, misogynist, and liar to save America from the apparent horrors of Hillary Clinton and eight years of Obama.

Bruce Frank, Tracy

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